Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back Again! Did you miss me?

Greetings Crabophiles everywhere! Yes, just like General MacArthur or a case of herpes I have returned. And yes, I am well aware of the lapse of time between posts. All I can say is that life and a new job got in the way. Here's hoping I post more this year and continue my mad campaign to inflict my own brand of unique crabbiness into your mundane gaming lives. And kudos to Hudson from Hudson's Hideout (formerly the artist known as OneAngryGamer) for not booting me from his link page due to my inactivity.
So everyone had already done there New Year posts about what I want to do in gaming for 2013. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm late. Anyway, this time I decided to try and have a plan for this year's gaming endeavors. I want to focus more on miniature gaming, especially at smaller and less expensive scales than 28mm. This would allow me to host games without the need for big tables because portability would be possible and further supplying both sides of the conflict would be feasible. Also a chief concern was I want to utilize some of the miniatures sitting on the lead pile that have been gathering dust or ages undreamed. So rather than succumb to the usual try any new and cool system that looks fun and see what sticks to the wall approach of previous years, I thought long and hard and decided to try and stick to two miniature wargaming projects in the hopes of fielding armies and actually playing. These are:

 1) 10mm Fantasy for Songs of Blades and Heroes (

2) 10mm American Civil War for use with Sam Mustapha's upcoming Longstreet rules (

Now I am allowing myself two outs here. First is that a third new period is allowed but no more than that. And second, this isn't to say I won't play or paint anything else I already own. Any of that is fair game. The point is I want to limit my new purchases of rules and lead to one of the projects above.

 I already sense derisive laughter and I can't blame you. But we'll see.

 Anyway, here's a peek at the first 10mm test unit for Longstreet. These are Confederate cavalry. Only one stand is based and the painting technique is fast and aimed to quickly get the pieces on the table. So there will be no Golden Demon awards here.


And here are some 10mm Fantasy miniatures. These are single based as Songs of Blades and Heroes is a skirmish game. And again the goal is to paint to a decent tabletop standard.

 Any thoughts or comments would be most welcome! That's all for now. Take care and may the Crabs be with you!