Monday, August 6, 2012


Greetings Crab-fans! Sorry for the absence of posts of late, but I was recovering from surgery (cancer is the gift that keeps on giving even after you cut it out). However, I am well on the mend so it’s time for another exciting and riveting AAR!

A few weeks ago, my pal One Angry Gamer stopped by the crab shack for a quick game of  Runebound by Fantasy Flight Games And by quick I mean about seven and a half hours of fun.

Here’s how the board was set up:

This time we decided to use one of the expansions decks that change the victory conditions. We decided on the Crown of the Elder Kings. This expansion directly pits the players against each other as they try to gather a specific group of powerful allies. The first player to do so can claim right to the Crown thus forcing the other player to attack these allies first one after the other and then the player himself – all without resting or regaining wounds.  

But then add into the mix that this expansion is really tough as well. Thus, you have the making of a great challenge!

So, we chose our characters. Who would be willing to take on this great and noble quest? Angry took the sleazy and easy:

And I chose the stalwart and true but somewhat dense:

The game basically consists of moving around the board and uncovering encounters thereby gaining gold and gear and leveling up your character and getting ready for the climatic face off.

But as the game commences, the challenges become increasingly more difficult. And as stated before the Crown of the Elder King expansion really amped up the difficulty level.

As you can see on the card above “The ultimate test of a leader’s worth is how he faces death”. Well Angry’s goth-demon chick Red had the first real crack at showing what she was made of. And she did:

But as the game went on, Angry recovered and quickly rolled on rapidly gathering the powerful allies he needed.

Realizing I was getting outmatched physically and gear-wise, I decided to simply beef up my character for the final showdown hoping I could somehow triumph over great odds. Angry was getting confident as victory seemed within grasp.

But then fate turned on him like bad egg salad. I somehow managed to quickly collect the allies I needed, thus forcing the showdown.

And although Angry’s character did quickly dispense with my allies, she was no match for my barbarian and down she went. Planning had paid off for me!

It was a fun game. Angry always provides a great challenge and is really smart about his tactics. He's also a good sport and always a gentleman (no rules lawyer he!). And although long, the time just flew by which is always a hallmark of a well designed game. We are hoping to play the big box jungle expansion Mists of Zanaga soon.

Until then, may the Crabs be with you!

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