Friday, June 22, 2012

Dark Elves Suck

Based on the title of this blog some of you may have already guessed I am normally not a happy camper. I'm lucky to be content most days, Zoloft be damned.  It's exceedingly rare that I find a board game or miniatures game I really enjoy right out of the gate and want to keep playing like a great PC game. You know the kind -- the "just one more turn" syndrome which is a hallmark of an exceptional computer game.

I have found such a game, a card game in fact, in Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer: Invasion (

I am not going to review the game here. You can check out Boardgame Geek for that. But simply put, this is a terrific card game filled with deep strategy. Like all good games, the design affords you an abundancy of choices that truly matter and dramatically effect game play. Certainly there is an element of luck involved that is inherent in any card game, but Warhammer Invasion is so full of different playing options that even losing is a hoot.

Case in point my game last night with One Angry Gamer:

It was his tree hugging hippie High Elves (and by high you know what I mean) vs. the unfairly maligned and super-nice, good to their mother, Dark Elves.

Suffice it to say it was a train wreck for my noble and peace loving Dark Elves (check out One Angry Gamer's Twitter feed) who just couldn't get things rolling against those savage, bright colored brutes (I mean really, who dresses like that?).

Regardless, fun was had by all and Mr. Angry can finally chalk one up in the win column.

Sidebar: Today the Dystopian Wars shipment might deliver with my initial FSA force. I won't hold my breath since it was shipped via the USPS. D'oh.

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  1. All of our games have been good stuff. I hear the Game of Thrones game plays almost as intense but my love for Warhammer Fluff really brings out the fun in that game. Its awesome